A sweet sign-off to the main meal, dessert is one of life’s great pleasures and with the choice of Morelli’s Ice Creams, there’s always room for dessert!

For generations, the Morelli family has made ice cream using fresh Double Cream and butter from the historic Ballyrashane Creamery. These rich dairy ingredients are created using milk from cows that graze in the lush green pastures of Northern Ireland’s spectacular Causeway Coast. Take a look at our Ice Cream counter to help you choose.

Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake Served with Morellis Ice Cream

Hot Belgian Waffle with a Scoop of Morellis Ice Cream and Topping

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

Morellis Ice Cream Sundae

Morellis Ice Cream Selection

Bubblegum | Vanilla | Strawberry | Chocolate | Honeycomb | Mint Choc Chip | Oreos | Banoffee | Snow White ( white chocolate & honeycomb | Christmas Cookie Crunch |

You can also have a look at our dessert counter in the restaurant to help you choose! 🍦

All Desserts are £6.00

Range of Speciality Java Republic Teas and Coffee

We proudly serve Java Republic coffee, Ireland’s best hand-roasted coffee.

There are no shortcuts to great coffee: Java only uses the best beans. They hand-roast individually, never add water to cool the beans, or to increase weight. Java beans are roasted and packaged on the same day.

We are as passionate about tea as we are about coffee, and it shows. We offer a wide range of 100% organic tea pillows.

Our legendary tea pillows are miniature marvels. They’re filled to the brim with 100% organic real-leaf teas. This creates an incredible drinking experience every time – bursting with flavour that lasts long past the first cup.


established 1835